Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services

Delivering multi-platform experiences to maximize reach and improve conversions. We develop cost-effective, user-centric and accessible apps with cross platform mobile app development services.

cross platform mobile app development services
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Harness the Power of Multiple Platforms to Maximize Visibility

There is stiff competition for market share between Android and iOS. You can no longer rely on a native-only strategy to strengthen your reach. Businesses are aligning their end goals to a multi-platform mobile strategy to build cost-effective solutions and accelerate the time-to-market. You need a successful and experienced partner who understands the nuances of delivering for multiple platforms for a robust cross platform strategy.

At Expert App Devs, we provide high-performing and quality cross platform application development services with suitable technology to increase app engagement, build a strong user base and increase business profits. Our experienced developers are adept with the current frameworks (Flutter, React Native, Ionic) and modern technologies (AI-ML, AR) that help provide modernized applications that you can scale to meet your evolving business needs.

I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!

I got all the customization and branding needed from the Expert App Devs team. They listened to everything patiently and planned the implementation effectively. Kudos to the Food Delivery solution!

Creating Endless Opportunities for your Business

We inspire creativity and translate your vision into mission-critical solutions with best practices, an experienced team of best mobile app developers and exceptional support.

UI/UX Design Services

Complex navigation, unfriendly applications, and flawed experiences can cost your business heavily. Your potential audience might be present on both iOS and Android simultaneously. If their experiences are different, you will lose a valuable conversion. Creating eye-grabbing interfaces isn’t enough; you need to make your designs accessible and functional for multiple platforms.

Leveraging Expert App Devs’ proficiency in cross platform hybrid apps development services, you can design smooth interfaces and improve usability. With a team of certified UX developers and creative strategists, we enhance your application with the right blend of white spaces, button placements, CTAs, and information. Our UX designs aim to help build more conversational mobile apps for multiple platforms.

  • Unique Design Concepts
  • Usage and Behaviour Insights
  • Strategic Design Consulting
  • Wireframes and Prototypes
  • UX-led App Design
ui/ux design services

AI Integration in Cross Platform Apps

Personalization is the key to getting more downloads and increasing your user base. No two users face the same problem. Therefore, your app should cater to personal needs and offer solutions to particular pain points. Artificial Intelligence does not just make the app smarter but also enhances personalization capabilities. As a result, these apps will increase engagement and help you accomplish business goals.

Expert App Devs is an expert in AI-driven cross platform app development services. We create defining data sets and algorithms that offer predictive analytics and smart recommendations to boost business growth. Our solutions work seamlessly across devices and operating systems.

  • Industry-specific App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Algorithm and Logic Building
  • Third-party API Integration
  • API Development
  • Strategic Development
ai integration in cross platform apps

Wearable Applications

There is a proliferation of wearable devices – smart watches, headphones, glasses, and others. It’s time businesses started mining wearable data to get exciting insights to help make effective decisions. With healthcare, retail, and almost all industries looking at wearable technology, there are many opportunities available for businesses in this segment.

Expert App Devs is your go-to wearable cross platform application development services. With years of experience and a pool of experts, we offer interactive solutions that maximize engagement and retention for your business. We blend engineering expertise with innovation to brew the perfect wearable application that works on multiple platforms.

  • Device compatible solutions
  • Idea/Concept Validation
  • Cloud-based Services
  • IoT-driven Wearable Applications
  • Fitness and health monitoring apps
  • Feature Update
wearable applications

Web-based Cross Platform Apps

Downloading an app may not always rank high on a user’s mind. With the storage and performance limitations that vary from device to device, there is a growing need for apps that needn’t be downloaded. At Expert App Devs, we offer a web-based cross platform applications service that allows users to interact with mobile apps without downloading them.

We aim to save your business from loss of time and opportunities while enhancing its features and usability. With effortless development and single-click updates on the website, these applications help you stay up-to-speed with market developments. With us as your partner, you get the ideal multi-platform support to maximize visibility and traction without eating into the user’s storage space.

  • Custom cross platform application development
  • Custom Native App Solutions
  • Web Application Support and Maintenance
  • Migration Services
  • UI/UX Design Services
web-based cross platform apps

QA and Testing

Quality assurance and mobile app testing play a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Without assured testing results and proper optimization, your app may get rejected from the app store. At Expert App Devs, we ensure strategic and fully-defined testing solutions. The QA and testing team combine to identify bugs, resolve issues and clean the app for the store.

We ensure the app has followed all the app store guidelines from design to coding. We aim to optimize the performance of the app and improve the speed of loading while testing the app. With a zero-tolerance philosophy for bugs and issues, our QA team ensures a clean, bug-free, and highly capable solution for your business.

  • Defining Test Cases
  • App Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Speed optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile App Testing
qa and testing

Support and Maintenance

With the end of the launch phase, comes the most crucial phase of app development. It is during the after-launch phase that the users offer feedback and need help from the support team. Our team provides quality support to understand issues, resolve queries and provide a seamless experience to the end-users.

We ensure periodic maintenance to keep the app running at an optimized speed and performance. Our team of experts ensures your app is patched and updated for the new operating system version. We introduce new feature updates in tandem with business requirements. We bring together your unique vision, business strategies & goals, and the end product to make it more usable.

  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Patches and Upgrades
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Feedback Incorporation
  • Feature Updates
support and maintenance

Hire Cross Platform Mobile App Developers

Lacking the required cross platform technology expertise? With in-house development becoming expensive, it is best to outsource to an efficient talent pool. Greater flexibility, easy scaling, and cost-efficiency are advantages of hiring a dedicated developer.

Hire cross platform mobile app developers from Expert App Devs to strengthen your mobile application development. We offer different engagement models that fit your budget and resource needs. From React Native to Flutter, we have experts for all the popular cross platform frameworks. Partner with us to enhance operations and execute a build-to-test model to accelerate your app launch.

  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Platform-specific Solutions
  • Industry-specific Solutions
  • Collaborative Operations
  • Expertise in Major Platforms
  • Cost-efficient Services
hire cross platform mobile app developers

Solutions we deliver

We offer a broader spectrum of technology solutions to tick all the right boxes for our clients’ needs.


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Why Partner with Expert App Devs for Cross Platform App Solutions?

client-focused approach

Client-focused Approach

Keeping the client at the fore, we ensure transparent operations and collaborative approach to transpire engaging solutions. We align cross-platform solutions to your unique vision to bring development up-to-speed and optimize for performance.

experience-led development

Experience-led Development

We have a team of experienced cross-platform app developers who strategize, define and develop the mobile apps. We combine real-world opportunities with your customer needs to deliver interactive solutions.

technology expertise

Technology Expertise

We have the tech expertise needed to develop for multiple platforms. Our team is proficient with React Native, Flutter, Java and other modern tools that accelerate development and offer the ideal solutions.

cost-efficient solutions

Cost-efficient Solutions

Offering complete control over application development, we ensure a cost-effective approach that allows us to deliver apps well within your budget. We plan tools and technologies that are budget-friendly without compromising on expertise or quality.

Success stories

We have walked ahead all the hurdles and challenges to attain success in cross mobile app development. Here is our success story that will amaze you.

best micro saving mobile app

Best Micro Saving Mobile App

  • iOS, Android, Laravel
  • Swift, Java, PHP

Best Micro Saving Mobile App

  • PlatformiOS, Android, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageSwift, Java, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, SQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop, Android Studio, Photoshop, NetBeans
saas based holiday app

SaaS based Holiday App

  • Flutter, Laravel
  • Dart, PHP

SaaS based Holiday App

  • PlatformFlutter, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageDart, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsVS Code, Android Studio, XCode, NetBeans
micrographia identification application

Micrographia Identification Application

  • iOS, Laravel
  • Swift, PHP

Micrographia Identification Application

  • PlatformiOS, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageSwift, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop, NetBeans

Want to give your app idea the wings of reality?

Partner with us for end-to-end mobile app development services.

Mobile app development FAQs

When you develop for multiple platforms simultaneously using a single and shared codebase, it is cross platform app solution. The developers don’t need to invest in separate solutions for iOS and Android. A single code is developed using popular frameworks and shared between iOS and Android.

Most businesses opt for cross platform app solutions when they have a good user base across both frameworks. It becomes important to penetrate into both markets and leverage the opportunities.

This development approach also handles the speed and performance requirements. It is a cost-efficient approach that allows developers to deploy the app faster without compromising on quality.

It also helps you ensure you can incorporate important native-like features, which adds to the user experience.

At Expert App Devs, your cross platform mobile app development services company, we take several factors into consider before calculating the cost. The complexity of the app, the development scope, the design considerations and the technology we will be using are the starting factors.

Going forward, we consider the features you want to include, the native-components you want to use and the overall project scope to decide the cost. We use the budget to define the technology to be used for the particular app development.

To calculate the time taken to develop a cross platform app solution, we consider the complexity and scope of the app solution. We also include the timeline you have in mind, your vision for the app and the features you plan to incorporate. Additionally, we also consider the modern technologies you want to incorporate in your application to define the timeline.

There is a thoroughly defined process that we follow to deliver an engaging cross platform app solution.

  • We begin with validation of the idea and build the scope of development
  • Based on the scope defined and objectives determined, we deliver the strategy and plan for development
  • Once the designers get hold of the scope, they start planning the UI/UX and deliver the prototypes. Based on the prototypes, the final designs are received
  • The development team works around the design to code it into a reliable and secure solution. they use all the technologies and tools at disposal to build the codebase
  • Right before deployment, our testing and QA team works on speed and performance optimization and bug-testing
  • The maintenance and support team works around continual optimization, regular support and feature updates

At the end of the project and deliverables, we provide the source code with proper commenting to the business.

Yes, we ensure modifications and upgrades to the project. It is part of the service packages that include the support for post app development.

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